Aleister Marcus

Warden of Greater Portland


Aleister Ely Marcus was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1763 to Abigail Dorothy (Hale) and John Stephen Marcus. Unknown to the superstitious members of the town (though not unknown to his wife), John was a Wizard of the White Council and often traveled on business, as he was a Warden.

Aleister came into his birthright as a Wizard as a young teen and it was a difficult time. The revolution brewing in the colonies and charges of witchcraft still carried weight, even though the Enlightenment was starting to sweep the land. His mother was a great help in this, as was his father (when he was there and not away on Warden’s business). Aleister was eventually sent to apprentice with a Wizard by the name of Nathaniel Salazar in Virginia.

Salazar not only help Aleister cope with his powers, but put Aleister to work in the Revolution, acting as a runner and a spy. This was one of the most exciting times in Aleister’s life. He was learning about the powers of the universe and binding a new country together. To this day he looks on it fondly.

After the war, Aleister continued his apprenticeship until he was finally admitted into the membership of the White Council. He settled in Virginia and quietly studied for a time, until the next conflict with England came with the War of 1812. Once again, he became a clandestine operative for the American cause, fighting English sorcerers who were employed to take down the nascent country. He was made a Warden, and actually fought side-by-side with his father in the cause. Unfortunately, he lost his father in the fighting. His mother had already passed years before.

After the war, and now with the responsibilities of a Warden, he was moved to the Louisiana Territory and asked to take on many of the strange and unusual creatures found there. He fought strange were creatures and French Red Court Vampires and other such creatures there. He settled in New Orleans for a time, acting as almost a Warden-Errant for the Council for the Territory. Later, when Louisiana became a state, he became Warden for the parish that encompassed New Orleans.

When the Civil War broke it, it nearly broke Aleister’s heart. He was there when the country was born and had fought to forge it together. But he knew, in his heart of hearts, that it would be slavery that would tear it apart. He stayed out of the war, but continued to protect New Orleans from supernatural threats, both Union and Confederate.

After the war, he moved from New Orleans and traveled to California, hoping to get away from bad memories of the war. It was hard on him. He settled in San Francisco for a time and had studied water evocations for a while there, trying to find peace. He was there during the 1906 earthquake and tried to bring as much relief to people as he could. He was sorry that even his power couldn’t predict it. He moved north soon thereafter.

In 1911, he settled in Portland, Oregon. The city needed a Warden and so, once again, he took on the gray cloak

Aleister Marcus

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