Sam Mundy

Eccentric Biomancer


Sam Mundy was born in Trinidad in 1835. He migrated first to Britain as a young man to study medicine and to apply for White Council membership in Edinburgh—he succeeded in the former, but failed in the latter. Undeterred with his magical studies, he applied himself to using his arcane talents to the healing of the body. While in England, he met his wife, Lydia, who was an American. They fell deeply in love and after a brief courtship married in London. After that, the two moved back to America to be with Lydia’s family, who were going to set up a home on the frontier in Portland, Oregon. Portland, at that time, was recognized to be one of the most dangerous port cities in the world. Sam was worried about the move, but Lydia was devoted to staying near her family, so he acquiesced. While living in Portland, Sam discovered a ley line nexus near the main settlement. Knowing that this could be a potential danger, he arranged to have his and Lydia’s home built over the nexus. No one was the wiser, thinking that Sam, being “foreign,” was just particular. He has been the guardian of this nexus ever since. Lydia later died of cancer while on the settlement. Even Sam’s substantial talents couldn’t save her. As a result, he threw himself into his work and became a bit of a hermit, keeping to himself and not bothering to socialize. It seemed that his magical predilections into biomancy were preserving his own body, as he wasn’t aging—at least, not very quickly. He purposely tried to disappear more so that people wouldn’t notice him. As the city grew, it became easier to blend in and people forgot about him. Soon, he was anonymous as anyone else. Now he continues to guard the nexus, but has been persuaded to use his skills on those in the supernatural community that can pay his prices—which vary according whether he likes you or not. It could be yard work—it could be exorbitant amounts of cash—depends on his mood that day.


Sam Mundy

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