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The Basics

This game is what we like to call "LARP-lite.”  It is not a boffer-LARP, so no one is running around hitting each other with foam swords or nerf guns.  In fact, the group has a "no touching" rule to keep everyone safe and comfortable.  The game is set in Seattle, 1998, at the end of the grunge music scene, so costuming is most often street clothing.   So, if you've never been to a LARP, this is the "shallow end of the pool."  Jump in and check us out.  LARPers and non-LARPers alike enjoy our setting and we think you'll have fun.

While the "main game" is set in Seattle, this site is devoted to the Portland scene.

The Setting

What if magic, and fairies, and dragons, and vampires were not just faery tales?  What if demons and angels really walked amongst us?  These are some of the questions asked in Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" series and these are the questions we ask as well, but with our own, unique spin. The Earth rests in a multiverse consisting of the "Mortal World" which is the universe as we know it.  Existing, perhaps, in parallel are other universes, each with their own laws of physics.  The exact structure and properties of each are unknown and very alien to us.  Among them are:

The Nevernever: Is the one realm mortals have ventured to and returned from (sometimes).  It is a land of magic where the mind of a native can shape the landscape around them with a thought.  It is a place any sane mortal fears to tread.  It is the realm of the Fae somehow divided between the Summer Court and the Winter Court.  The barrier between the Nevernever is the weakest of all interdimensional barriers especially where "ley lines" of magical energy touch or pass through the Earth.  It is thus the way many supernatural creatures use to try to infiltrate / visit Earth.

Hell:  Also known as "Downbelow" or World Below."  This realm of darkness and despair is where Satan and his fallen angels retreated to after his failed rebellion against God.  It is here he has horded as many souls as he can lure away, souls he can torment and twist into faithful demon spawn.  When Christ came to our mortal world and then "died" he was able to greatly limit the ability of demons and devils to leave Hell and visit Earth, but also gave humanity a greatly improved chance of escaping Satan's clutches.

Heaven: This realm of light and positive energy is inhabited by Angels and the souls of mortals who have been "saved."  Angels are known to visit the Mortal World, but as a rule, they do not interfere in mortal affairs unless it is God's will (though there have been exceptions).  Angels often visit the Mortal World to insure human souls are able to choose Heaven or Hell and leave minor demonic incursions to capable mortals to handle. 

A couple of thousand years ago, the barriers between the dimensions was thin and relatively easy for those who knew how to cross.  Stories of dragons, elves, and demon possession abounded.  No one is sure how it happened, but on the winter equinox of the Year "0" the barrier between the dimensions stiffened and became very difficult to cross.  The knowledge of shifting "ley lines" and celestial alignments became important in order to those who would walk between dimensions.  To Satan, it meant only once every 666 years could he open the gates separating Hell for Earth.  The "First Demon War" of 666 was little more than an armed reconnaissance and organizations that would become knightly orders of the day were able to drive them off with heavy losses.  The Second Demon War of 1332 was far bloodier, much of Europe and parts of Asia and Africa were depopulated.  To this very day, many believe the story that flea infested rats were the cause of the "Black Death."  Now, 666 years later, it is January 1st, 1998 and those in the know watch for the coming of the 3rd Demon War.

The Characters

Although the threat of the Demon War constantly hangs over the heads of the characters throughout the storyline, this is not a hack-n-slash game.  Yes, there will be combat to satisfy those who enjoy it or to add tension and excitement to those who seek to avoid it, but this is about the mystery of a horrible event about to happen.  How will it happen, who is making it happen, where will it happen, and what can we do to stop it from happening?  The Demon War is the main plot line of this game, but there will be numerous sub-plots woven here and there to add variety and mystery to what is happening.  Characters are the heroes or in some cases, anti-heroes who struggle to preserve Seattle and protect all of humanity from the coming darkness.

The System

Our game is based on the Dresden Files RPG system published by Evil Hat Productions.  We use the simplified skill system found in the FATE Core book also published by Evil Hat Productions.  The 4th edition Shadowrun sourcebook "Seattle 2072" by Catalyst Game Labs may also be of some use to players.  Note that no books are necessary to play, but are available on-line or at most game stores for those who are interested in being more involved in the system.

Dresden Files Portland: 1998

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