The Balance of Power

The Balance of Power

Despite the inherently “weird” nature of the city, it is a metropolis that has struck an interesting balance. Violent crime is relatively low. The supernatural community is relatively quiet—if not actually content. That balance is about to be threatened in many different ways.

The Supernatural Status Quo

Winter is in ascendance in Portland. The Winter Envoy, Trevidian, holds court with a subtle, but iron-clad, fist. No one is sure why the Queen of Air and Darkness has not declared him Lord of Portland, and only her Envoy. Perhaps some perceived slight? Speculation runs wild.

While Winter is on the rise, Summer is hardly dormant. The Summer Envoy, Verikai, appointed to match his counterpart in power and rank, moves his pieces on the board, counteracting Trevidian's moves whenever he can.

At the same time, Portland is surrounded—and imbued—with many wild spaces. Acres of green, forest, parkland lie at the heart of the city. The mighty Willamette runs through it. Multnomah Falls roars nearby while Mt. Hood lurks on the horizon. Here there are places where the Weres can run free and let their beasts loose. There is no dominant group nor a hierarchy within their number. And they mostly like it that way.

The White Court is very active in Portland, which supports a thriving adult entertainment industry. House Raith's operations are run by their operative, who goes by the name of Nerise Patel. She runs the the operation from her office in Nirvana, an exclusive club in North Portland.

The Mundane Status Quo

Portland’s population is often described as having a bit of a “Hippy” vibe, where the folks tend to have a very liberal, “live and let live” attitude. People are generally happy and well-adjusted—even if they indulge in hobbies and interests that fall outside the conservative mainstream. Much of this balance is maintained by the workings of native Elders behind the scenes, Elders that are losing their ability to pass on their arts to the next generation due to apathy—the price of that balance.

Among the mundanes, a powerful force is on the rise in the form of Jim Butler. Butler is an influential businessman, criminal overlord, and freeholding lord under the Unseelie Accords.

The Balance of Power

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